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A problems with harpmerge in Anaconda


I’ve got two problems with harpmerge (Anaconda PowerShell, Windows 10) when I run the codes that are already found in the instructions in the RUS Training ATMO01 Air Quality Monitoring to create a daily averaged tropospheric vertical NO2 column and to derive a monthly averaged tropospheric vertical NO2 column. The first problem is when I have been used “*” to combine more input files but I have solved this problem by specifying a directory instead and then generating the daily averaged files. The new problem now is how to combine these files to create a monthly averaged file. The following code doesn’t run in (Anaconda PowerShell, Windows 10)

harpmerge -ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))’ Filemane*.nc /March_NO2/Processing/

Could you please help me and let me know what should I change in the code above to generate the monthly average?

Thanks a lot.