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Adding country borders with name to the globe

Is it possible and how to add county borders and the names (or even city names, as it is done in the EO browser) to the globe (see pictures below)? Or just to consider one country (something like clipping an shp file with the sentinel image)? I am sorry if I asked a dumb question, but I did not find any instruction on google. Any suggestion, tip or pointing out somewhere else would be good and helpful for me. :slight_smile:
The Globe picture:

I want something like this + country borders or just to single out one country:

Country borders are unfortunately not available for the VISAN worldmap plots.
The current borders are based on the GSHHS dataset which only shows shorelines.

Apparently this dataset has evolved into GSSHG and now also includes political boundaries. We will have a look to see how easy this can be added.

However, be aware that the VISAN worldmap plot is currently only able to show data that is stored locally and this data can only be displayed at a fixed resolution.
To provide information as the EO Browser does, we would need to require users to have an active internet connection (which VISAN currently does not require) to get the data at the different resolution levels and the plotting functionality would need to be extended to support a dynamic scaling of resolution based on zoom level (i.e. show more cities and country details when zooming in).
Such functionality would require a bit more work and is not likely to be implemented in the near future.

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I find VISAN very useful to have a first look at the data but then if you need more precise maps, I would advise you to export your NetCDF file to QGIS software. There you will be able to use various types of map background (OpenStreet maps, Google Satellites etc) and also clip the data to one country with the Raster->Extraction->Clip Raster by Mask layer tool. To do so, you need to have downloaded the shapefile of the country borders you wish to study first. You can find them online!


Thank you for your fast answer. I really appreciate! :slight_smile:
Is it possible at least to export the image as georeferenced (in order to clip with country borders it in QGIS for example)? Or is they some alternative way? My final goal is to make a pollution country map.
Or, in the last case, is it possible in some way to change the pollution scale in the EO browser in order not to be everything blue as in the picture above (in that way I don’t need to work with VISAM)?

Thank you! I needed advice like is yours!
Is it possible to export it in VISAN?

The HARP command line tools would be more appropriate to create a map out of S5P single orbit files. I think you can find some examples of the use of these tools on this forum. And then I am pretty sure that QGIS is able to read any NetCDF files.

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