Altitude of DEM

Dear Coda,

I’m trying to extract the altitude of the DEM intersection for AEOLUS data on matlab. I’m using the following command:
altitude = coda_fetch(product_1B, ‘geolocation’, -1, ‘observation_geolocation/geolocation_of_dem_intersection’, -1,‘altitude_of_dem_intersection’);

I got the following error message:
Error using coda_matlab
Error in paramater

Error in coda_fetch (line 25)
[varargout{1:max(1,nargout)}] = coda_matlab(‘FETCH’,varargin{:});

I have no problem to extract the altitude and location of the Mie and Rayleigh channels. I don’t understand the problem here.

Thanks for the help.

Please try:

altitude = coda_fetch(product_1B, ‘geolocation’, -1, ‘observation_geolocation', 'geolocation_of_dem_intersection’, -1,‘altitude_of_dem_intersection’);

Thank you.

I have tried but I have the same error message. I also tried this command and same error message:
altitude = coda_fetch(product_1B, ‘geolocation’, -1, ‘observation_geolocation’, -1
'geolocation_of_dem_intersection’, -1,‘altitude_of_dem_intersection’);`

You seem to be using -1 arguments where there are no arrays. Have a look at the online documentation of the Aeolus codadef.

You should use:

altitude = coda_fetch(product_1B, ‘geolocation’, -1, ‘observation_geolocation', 'geolocation_of_dem_intersection’, ‘altitude_of_dem_intersection’);