Atmospheric Toolbox

ANNOUNCE: CODA 2.21.1, HARP 1.10, and VISAN 4.1

On March 31st new versions of both CODA, HARP, and VISAN got released.

Besides the important bug fixes, these are the highlights of the new releases:

  • harpmerge gained the -ar/--reduce-operations parameter and harp.import_product() gained the reduce_operations parameter. This parameter allows for a more memory efficient binning while merging multiple products. If you have been using <operations>;bin() as a ‘post operations’ argument, you might want to turn this part into a ‘reduce operations’ argument with the new HARP version if you are under memory constraints.
  • The VISAN world plot now also shows country borders (and inner lakes) based on the GSHHG dataset.