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Best bin_spatial resolution to match TROPOMI sensor data


I’m working with HARP merge and I’m wondering what the best resolution is to use the bin_spatial tool for the 7x3.5km resolution available from S5P.

Obviously it would depend on the latitude but is there a rule we can follow? What are some good solutions to this issue?

I have used a spatial resolution of 0.02 which looks like this:
bin_spatial(2275, -54.75, 0.02, 2309, 112.919, 0.02)

It’s just a guess, and I’ve erred on the side of caution by making the resolution more than I think the sensor has produced. That said, the scanline values @ 215 would suggest the correct number of pixels along the longitude for my AOI would be around 500, though this would shrink as we look further south.

Some guidance on this would be appreciated.


Note that since Aug 2019 the spatial resolution of Tropomi is 5.5x3.5km.

The resolution also depends on the product type. NO2 uses the ‘native’ resolution of the instrument, but for e.g. CO several pixels are combined and the resolution is halved in each dimension.

The resolution of 0.02 degree is a good resolution to use (for e.g. NO2). It slightly oversamples the native resolution of Tropomi itself. It is also the resolution that is used by the S5P Mapping Portal (this uses 2^14 pixels for 360 degrees longitude, which is ~0.022). For CO you would use about 0.04 degree.

Thankyou! Helpful as ever.