Cannot read aeolus files anymore

Hi all,

since some weeks, we (I and some of my colleagues) cannot use CODA anymore to open Aeolus files. This is valid for old Aeolus files as well which have been working before → thus, it is really strange.

I am using anaconda with several environment and for testing I set up a complete new environment.

This has coda 2.22.1 (this is the latets version one can get via conda-forge) and python 3.6
(my “old” enviroment had coda 2.21 and python 3.7).

Whatever I do, it is not working, I use for example:

  1. os.putenv(‘CODA_DEFINITION’,‘C:\CODA\definitions\AEOLUS-20220211.codadef’)
  2. import coda
  3. coda.init()

The respone is always the same:
coda.CodacError: coda_open(): unsupported product file

Can you give advise?