Cannot read aeolus files anymore

Hi all,

since some weeks, we (I and some of my colleagues) cannot use CODA anymore to open Aeolus files. This is valid for old Aeolus files as well which have been working before → thus, it is really strange.

I am using anaconda with several environment and for testing I set up a complete new environment.

This has coda 2.22.1 (this is the latets version one can get via conda-forge) and python 3.6
(my “old” enviroment had coda 2.21 and python 3.7).

Whatever I do, it is not working, I use for example:

  1. os.putenv(‘CODA_DEFINITION’,‘C:\CODA\definitions\AEOLUS-20220211.codadef’)
  2. import coda
  3. coda.init()

The respone is always the same:
coda.CodacError: coda_open(): unsupported product file

Can you give advise?


I have exactly the same issue. Did you find a solution ?


Note that Python 3.6 is no longer a supported python version.
You should be using Python 3.7 as a minimum since conda-forge packages are only available for python 3.7 and higher for recent versions of coda.
The latest version of coda is currently 2.24. So please test with that version first. And if that doesn’t work, let us know.

Thanks for your quick response.
I’m using W10, CODA 2.24 and Python 3.8 and even get this issue.
Also, I’m trying to open “AE_OSVA_TLMX__VC1__20220527T091441_20220527T104505_0001.DBL” with “AEOLUS-20220916.codadef”


Aeolus TLMX products are not supported by CODA. You can see the list of supported products here.

Ok it’s working, thank you ! I did’nt find the list of supported products.

Hi all,

I am experiencing a similar issue. I have been using CODA to read Aeolus files for a long time. Recently, I had to reinstall my Python and CODA installations and from then on I am unable to read wind L2B files. I am able to read and work normally with L2A optical products. However, when trying to read from a L2B file all I get is:

coda_type_get_record_field_index_from_name(): record does not contain a field named ‘windresult_geolocation/latitude_cog’

(in this case I am trying to read coda.fetch(product, ‘mie_geolocation’, -1, ‘windresult_geolocation/latitude_cog’)). Surprisingly, I am able to read information such as the baseline or the orbit number (coda.fetch(product, ‘mph’, ‘baseline’); coda.fetch(product, ‘mph’, ‘abs_orbit’)).

I am using the code I already developed for previous works and that I am sure that works. This is why I think that the issue comes from the installation. I have a Python 3.9 version now, the latest version of CODA and also the latest version of the definitions.

Any thoughts about what the problem might be?


I think this is a regression of the Python changes we introduced in CODA 2.22. I will have this looked into.
For now you can split out all path elements into separate arguments to make it work again: coda.fetch(product, 'mie_geolocation', -1, 'windresult_geolocation', 'latitude_cog'))

Thank you very much. This has totally solved the issue. That little change is something I would never have thought of hahaha