Clibrary Error in HARP during merge of S5P files

import harp
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as ccrs
from cmcrameri import cm
import eofetch
import os
import matplotlib.ticker as mticker
from cartopy.mpl.gridliner import LONGITUDE_FORMATTER, LATITUDE_FORMATTER

operations = “;”.join([
“derive(datetime_stop {time} [days since 2000-01-01])”,
“derive(datetime_start [days since 2000-01-01])”,
“derive(latitude {latitude})”,
“derive(longitude {longitude})”,
reduce_operations = “squash(time, (latitude, longitude, latitude_bounds, longitude_bounds));bin()”
filenames = “S5P_OFFL_L2__CH4*.nc”
merged = harp.import_product(filenames, operations, reduce_operations=reduce_operations)
harp.export_product(merged, ‘’)
I successfully merged the 2022 S5P data of CH4 using this code, but when I try to merge the 2023, 2021, or even 2020 data, I get a “CLibraryError,” which may be the result of a few files that aren’t suitable for merging. If you could provide me a bypass, that would allow it to skip over any files that it finds incompatible and proceed with the merge instead of throwing me various errors when I try to add the try-catch block, that would be great. Please fix this issue and provide me the revised code; I’ll be appreciative.
Thank You