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CO_3D_visualize map


I tried to process S5P_L2__CO data using VISAN, and after creating 3D visualization of the product, I see that the data visualization is surface meridional wind velocity in [m/s] as shown in the color bar below the image, while the product window shows Carbon Monoxide Total Column.
Could someone please explain to me what is the error and how to process S5P_CO_L2.

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The VISAN plot commandos try to make a good guess on what is the main quantity in a HARP product, but this doesn’t always work correctly.
In that case you will have to explicitly mention which variable you want to plot:

wplot(product, value="CO_column_number_density")

Also, don’t forget to import the CO product using the recommended quality flag filtering:

product = harp.import_product(r"", "CO_column_number_density_validity>50")

Thanks so much for your reply. I did the same steps but I get an image with one color. There are no more details in the image.

You probably have to modify the colorrange a bit (e.g. provide colorrange=(0,0.01) as parameter to wplot()).
However, you might also have an orbit that doesn’t have any prominent CO.