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CODA hdf4 configure


I have been trying to install coda onto a linux machine with hdf4 capability. I have HDF 4.2.15. The following link is the resulting configure.log file:


Upon configuring, I the following error:

ERROR: HDF4 libraries and/or header files are not found.
Try setting the HDF4_LIB and HDF4_INCLUDE environment variables to the
location of your HDF4 library and include files.

The command I am using is:

./configure --prefix=/home/tcsummers3/Documents/coda-2.21.2 --with-hdf4 HDF4_LIB=/home/tcsummers3/Documents/hdf-4.2.15/lib/ HDF4_INCLUDE=/home/tcsummers3/Documents/hdf-4.2.15/include/

Thanks for the help,

Based on the configure.log I see two problems:

  • you have build HDF4 with szip support, but szip cannot be found by CODA
  • you seem to be missing the libhdf library (.a or .so) inside /home/tcsummers3/Documents/hdf-4.2.15/lib/

Note that trying to build against a static library version of HDF4 (which you seem to be doing) can be quite problematic due to the dependencies that HDF4 itself has (which you then have to make sure to make available as well). You are strongly advised to use a version of HDF4 from your OS package manager and use shared libraries for HDF4.

I see, thank you for the quick reply.