CODA Python interferance envoriment installition

Hello, greeting,
I am using Windows 7, a 64-bit operating system, and Python 3.8.8 .for that I need a CODA interface for analyzing the Aeolus satellite Level 2, L2B wind product binary Data. I installed the latest coda Python interface 2.24.2 version and also tried to install the coda environment package using the anaconda command prompt shell as per instructions.

conda install -c conda-forge coda

but I am facing some issues. like it shows

solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve
solving environment: field with repo data from current_repodata.json,will retry with next repodata source.

after installing the packages. it shows,

Your Installed version is: not available
Note that strict channel priority may have removed packages that required satisfiability

it is requested to give me the exact solution for above matter .

We should probably update the documentation for this. Installing CODA in the base environment of an anaconda installation will generally not work because packages from the conda-forge channel will conflict with those of anaconda. If you use an anaconda installation you should first create a separate environment and then install coda in there. e.g.

$ conda create -n coda
$ conda activate coda
$ conda install -c conda-forge coda

The better option would be to install mininforge. This will make sure every package comes from the conda-forge channel automatically.

Thank you for your response. I followed the above steps for installing the CODA. herewith attached are the screenshots and set the Coda definition path :

import os

Change this to the location of your AEOLUS codadef file

os.putenv(‘CODA_DEFINITION’, r’C:\Users\IITM.conda\envs\coda\Library\share\coda\doc\html’)

You can also remove this line and set the CODA_DEFINITION environment variable globally on your system

import coda
import numpy

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘coda’

Please suggest for further.


and the one more pop-up shows, the
coda error
screenshot is attached. how do fix these issues please suggest

That is not the right location of the coda definition path. See this post for more details.

For the popup missing dll error, I don’t know. This does not look like a CODA specific problem but more something wrong with your windows installation. You should probably look for a solution to that elsewhere.

for installing the Miniforge there are two options Miniforge-pypy3 and Miniforge3. which package did i need to installed? was i trying to Miniforge-pypy3 but there is showing an error screenshot attached .please help

I would recommend the Miniforge3 installer. But the type of error you have indicates something very weird with your system. Also the other issues you raised before (e.g. the dll error) are very strange and not something that others have raised before.
And these are issues that are outside the scope of this forum.