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CODA Software for IASI Level 2 Product Version 6.3.2

Has there been an updated version of CODA released for IASI L2 PPF software version 6.3.2? Some of the changes to the L2 data product include a change to the atmospheric water vapour and ozone scaling factors.

The IASI L2 format is defined in the ‘EPS’ codadef that can be found here. You only need to make sure you use the latest codadef file (no update of the CODA software itself should be needed).

The EPS codadef currently contains support for IASI L2 format V9 which is also the document that is available on the EUMETSAT website.
This document does not mention any change in scale factors for PPFv6.3.

The generated documentation for the latest EPS codadef can be found here. If you find anything wrong, please let us know (preferably using a github ticket) .

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Thank you for your response. I have made a github ticket following your link. I look forward to discussing further.