Create a new operator for L3 products

Dear Sander,
I am reading in AIRS gridded L3 daily data in python, in 1x1deg, and am using the operator
harp.execute_operations(productlist, operations=‘longitude_range(-15.0, 45.0)’)
in the end to narrow down the field for my output harp compliant file, as I do not need the entire globe.
It would be excellent to also have a latitude_range operation added in the next harp version.
Am using harp 1.15 right now.
Many thanks,

The longitude_range function is to deal with the dateline properly and the fact that some datasets run from -180 to 180 and others from 0 to 360.

Normally, as you would do with latitude you would just say longitude>=-15;longitude<45. However, this would exclude longitudes between 345 and 360 (which you might want to have included as well). The longitude_range function does this.

Thanks Sander! Indeed, I became wrapped up in the whole dateline issue I forgot the simple solution. All my lats are in the NH.

Take care,