Error in HARP operations

Hallo everyone,

I would like to ask about an error that I get using the harp ingestions.

I want to make an overpass file from the S5P-TROPOMI L2_TCWV_PAL data. To do so, I use the command

averageproduct = harp.import_product(fls, operations)

where, fls is the S5P-TROPOMI L2_TCWV_PAL files and

operations = “;”.join([f’point_distance({lat_val}, {lon_val}, ‘+
‘water_vapor_column_density_validity ‘+
f’> {qa_flag}’,
'keep(datetime_start, latitude, longitude, '+
'latitude_bounds, longitude_bounds, '+
'water_vapor_column_density, '+
'water_vapor_column_density_uncertainty, '+
'water_vapor_column_density_amf, '+
'water_vapor_column_density_avk, '+
‘scan_subindex, index)’,
'derive(datetime {time} [seconds since '+

The error that I get is this: could not derive variable ‘datetime {time}’

However, I use the same commands in other S5P data, e.g. the L2_CLOUD and I do not get this error!! Do you know why I get this error in the PAL data?? I use the harp 1.21 version…

Thank you in advance!!

I don’t think you are using the exact same command for the other products. The problem is that you are omitting the datetime_length variable in your keep operation. HARP will then not be able to derive the ‘center’ time for each pixel. You will have the same problem if you would do this for the CLOUD product.


Thank you for the response!! I’ll check on it!!!