Error with command line tool harpcollocate

When following the example and using the command line tool harpcollocate as shown below,
harpcollocate -d ‘datetime 3 [h]’ -d ‘point_distance 10 [km]’
the following error message appears,
ERROR: missing value in criterion ‘datetime’
I would like to ask what causes this error. Looking forward to your reply.

Are you trying to do this from a Linux shell or a Windows command prompt? It looks like the 'datetime 3 [h]' is not treated as a single parameter to harpcollocate, but as separate parameters.

Thanks for your quick answer. At first, I ran the command in the cmd of the Windows system, and the above error occurred. After your prompts, I performed the same operation in Windows PowerShell and no more errors occurred. Thank you very much for your tips, I have solved my problem perfectly.