Exporting QDOAS Data

Hi all, I was wondering how to export data from QDOAS after performing the calibration/analysis. I have tried following the steps in the guide book but I can only ever get it to export data for the first set of elevation angles, or nothing at all. I was wondering if there were updated instructions for how to export data? Thank you very much

You should be able to get output for all processed spectra by selecting the desired parameters for output in the “Output” tab of the project properties window. Note that output is only generated as you process the spectra. Did you process all spectra you are interested in (either by clicking the “play” button in the GUI and waiting until the complete file / all spectra have been processed, or, when working from the command line, by running doas_cl with the same configuration file)?

Yep I was not letting it play all the way through the files. Thank you so much for your help, very much appreciated from a QDOAS beginner:)