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Extract AEOLUS L2B variables

Is there any documentation or tutorial teaching with examples how to access and extract wind profile values of a point lat/lon from AEOLUS L2B files with harp?

The documentation available at HARP manual — HARP 1.13 documentation is very limited for those unfamiliar with harp.

Thanks in advance!

Reading the data is as simple as:

  import harp
  product = harp.import_product("AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20201008T233259_20201009T010347_0001.DBL")

Your profile is then stored in

I am not sure what you mean with ‘profile values of a point lat/lon’.

One thing I just found while checking things, is that we haven’t seem to have included support for the latest format of AEOLUS in HARP yet. This means that reading 2B11 baseline data of AEOLUS will currently not work with HARP.
We will fix this for a next HARP release, but in the mean time you can fix this yourself by putting the latest codadef file inside the share/coda/definition subdirectory of your harp installation.

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Thanks for clarifying svniemeijer.

I can read the files, my question would be if there is some specific harp function that I could extract an AEOLUS variable for a lat/lon point into a .csv file for example. Or would I need to use an arbitrary library for this, like numpy?


Once you have read the data into python with harp, you usually further process it with python-specific libraries such as numpy indeed.

If you already know for which lat/lon position you want the profile, you could add a bounding box filter on the lat/lon position when you ingest the data with harp (using e.g. latitude>=...;latitude<=...;longitude>=...;longitude<=...).

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Thank you dear svniemeijer.

I will try that.