Extract Date from Data


I want to extract date of that particular nc file from the CH4 data. Is it possible? I am following the usecase 3 while converting the nc data to geodataframe. But I need date in the final geodataframe.

operations_trop = ";".join([
    "derive(CH4_column_volume_mixing_ratio_dry_air [ppbv])",
    "derive(area {time} [km2])",

This easiest is to just add datetime_start to the keep operation: keep(datetime_start,latitude_bounds,longitude_bounds,CH4_column_volume_mixing_ratio_dry_air)

@sander.niemeijer It is giving date in this format which is not readable I need it in the string format like 2020-11-01


I have solved it Thank you!

Can you tell me how did you solve it?