Extracting methane mixing ratio from the NetCDF file

I use TROPOMI data ( methane) for my master’s degree thesis. I have trouble extracting the files from the NetCDF file:

  • First: I tried to open them using the (ArcGIS) 10.8 (licensed version)>> Make NetCDF raster layer tool, but the software was not able to detect the X and Y dimensions automatically. Hence, it failed to open the variables.
    -Second: I used (Panoply), but unfortunately, when I saved the map as Geotiff then opened it in ArcGIS, there was a problem with the spatial reference then I realized that the data were not the correct data I was looking for ( not the expected methane conc in ppbv)
    -Third: Finally, I was lucky to open the data successfully using (Snap), but it took more than 2 hours to open one file !! I have been working with daily data for three years!!! And I am working on an ordinary PC. I don’t have a workstation!! and I have only one month to finish this analysis

Therefore, can you recommend any other tool to open and extract the data quickly?

Please have a look a the use cases. The HARP software is probably able to allow you to do what you want.

Also note that weekly maps of S5P CH4 are now available from the Sentinel-5P Mapping Portal.

This information you just gave is vital. It will be useful for me later on

Interesting Halima, have you completed your thesis? I’m interested in reading it. Thx, Jason