Harp ingestions error

Hallo everyone,

I want to process the S5P L2 TCWV PAL files (S5P_PAL__L2__TCWV___) using the Harp ingestions. To be more specific I do the following:

Define the Harp operations

    operations = ";".join([f'point_distance({lat_val}, {lon_val}, '+
                           'water_vapor_column_density_validity '+
                           f'> {qa_flag}',
                           'keep(datetime_start, latitude, longitude, '+
                           'latitude_bounds, longitude_bounds, '+
                           'water_vapor_column_density, '+
                           'water_vapor_column_density_uncertainty, '+
                           'water_vapor_column_density_amf, '+
                           'water_vapor_column_density_avk, '+
                           'scan_subindex, index)',
                           'derive(datetime_start {time} [seconds since 2010-01-01])'])

Make the average product

averageproduct = harp.import_product(fls, operations)

However, by doing so, the following error appears:

/S5P/S5P_PAL__L2__TCWV___20210101T101940_20210101T111804_16685_03_010500_20231211T153434.nc: unsupported product class/type ‘S5P_PAL/L2__TCWV__’

which says that the product is not supported. On the Harp ingestions website though, the PAL products are included (here Ingestion definitions — HARP 1.21 documentation). Do you why this error appears??

Thank you in advance!!

This looks like you have the right codadef file, but an old version of HARP.
Can you check what print(harp.version()) gives as output? This should say 1.21.

Dear Sander,

Thank you for the response!! The print command gives 1.18…

So, I guess I have to update my harp version!!

Thanks again!!