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HARP Quality filters of S5P_OFFL_L2_O3___ products


I’m working on a project that analyses the S5P air quality measurements. When processing L2 O3 products I have found the following error I don’t know how to solve:

In the L2 O3 product documentation (“”) it is stated that the quality condition measurements follow is that the variable qa_value>0.5. When I try to call the function: harp.import_product(path,operations=“qa_value>0.5”),
I get the following error:

That surprised me at first and I thought the files could be corrupted. However, when I use the browse product utility VISAN has, I can see that the variable exists in the product. So, I think HARP is not importing it for some reason. Does anyone know how could I filter these products using HARP?

Thanks for your attention,

When you import the data with HARP, the data will be converted to the HARP conventions, You will therefore not see the same variable names as have been used in the netCDF file or what can be shown by CODA (the VISAN product browser is also based on CODA and not on HARP).

The conversion that HARP performs for the S5P O3 product is described in the documentation.

You would have to filter for O3_column_number_density_validity>50.

I would also recommend you have a look at the other posts in this forum. There are quite a few that discuss this topic.

Thank you @svniemeijer, it has been of great help.