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HARP regridding and saving L3 Sentinel 5p data to netCDF

Hello Respected Researchers and Scientist,
I am new to using python for processing of Sentinel 5p datasets, I previously had been processing it in R and regridding the datasets in GMT.
I was using Harp to convert multiple granules of sentinel 5p data into a uniform grid and saving them as Level 3 product so that I can further carry out statistical analysis. However, I am constantly getting an error in the “keep” line of harp code.
I will attach the Screenshot of my code and the error.

I am highly grateful to the forum for their previous post regarding the topic that helped me a lot to write this code.
Could you please extend your help for a way out of this problem.
Thanks in advance
Pravash Tiwari

Please check your code carefully. You have typos in your first derive command.

So silly
I am really sorry for wasting your time

Hi Pravashtiwari,

Would you mind to share with me your coding because I’m looking coding to process Sentinel-5P


Here is a youtube tutorial provided by RUS which demonstrates how to process S5P using HARP.