HARP regridding s5p_pal__l2__aer_ot


is there a way to regrid s5p_pal__l2__aer_ot data using HARP (it is not in the parameter list for harp 1.17). Do you plan to add the pal_l2_aer_ot to harp ?


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The PAL L2 products are indeed not supported as ingestions by HARP yet. We are planning to add support for this. This should become available in the coming months.

I noticed that S5P PAL AOT products are listed in the harp ingestion document (S5P_PAL_L2_AER_OT β€” HARP 1.19 documentation) but I think it’s still not supported in the latest version of harp package 1.18? Could someone please clarify this? Are there any approximate release date/month ideas in mind for the same?


We are currently preparing the new HARP 1.9 release. This should likely become available early next week.

Note that the documentation of HARP on the website always reflects the latest status of the HARP repository on github and may therefore contain information that is not yet included in the official released version of HARP.

Ahh okay. Thank you for the response. Looking forward to the next release.