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Harpconvert running on anaconda (Visan environment)

Hi, I am trying to get results when running harpconvert in anaconda visan environment
harpconvert -a ‘latitude > -55 [degree_north]; latitude < 80 [degree_north]; bin_spatial(279,-5,0.1,451,86,0.1); derive(latitude {latitude}); derive(longitude {longitude})’

I have the following message : The system cannot find the file specified.

When I set only bin_spatial(279,-5,0.1,451,86,0.1) as operation arguments :
harpconvert -a bin_spatial(279,-5,0.1,451,86,0.1) it works … but I can restrict the longitude and latitude.

Please, please, help me.
Thanks a lot.

If you are getting that error then you are not running harpconvert from an aconconda prompt with the visan environment active.

Hello, I solved the issue by running the script inside “Anaconda PowerShell Prompt” instead of
“Anaconda Prompt”