Harpmerge Error

Hello there

I am trying to create an NO2 average for the march of 2019 with Offline data.
When I am trying to create the average I get this message :

ERROR: products don’t have the same number of variables

The weird of the situation is that, i can create an average from 1 to 20 of march and 21 to 31 but if I try to make from 1 to 20+ I get the message.
My code is this

harpmerge -ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))’ -a ‘tropospheric_NO2_column_number_density_validity > 75; bin_spatial(240,34,0.035,325,19,0.035); derive(longitude {longitude});derive(latitude {latitude})’ last C:\Users\andre\averag.nc

any idea what is going wrong? I have to mention that I am working on windows environment.

i run the code on linux and the messege says
ERROR: products don’t both have variable ‘surface_meridional_wind_velocity’

This is because you are mixing different formats of the data products.

Whenever there is an update of the data processor that generates NO2 data there may also be a change in the format of the L2 data. HARP supports both the old and new formats and will dynamically include a variable if it is present and leave it it out if it is not present.

You can see this condition in the mapping description of the HARP S5P L2 NO2 ingestion. You will see that the wind velocity variables are only available for products that were generated with processor version >= 01.03.00.

The best way to deal with this situation is to include an exclude operation on these variables in your harpmerge calls. Even better is to use an explicit include operation that only includes the variables that you actually need (since this will be a lot faster than trying to spatially bin all variables that HARP can import). Look for other posts on this forum for examples on how this can be done.

Dear Sander

Thank you for your response it really helped me!
I exclude surface_meridional_wind_velocity and surface_zonal_wind_velocity and everything works fine!