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How to create 2d lat/lon/altitude AEOLUS L2B from 1d lat/lon/altitude vector and plot on MATLAB with CODA?

My file is opened with the following code:

% change this to the full path of your Aeolus L2B DBL file
filename = ‘C:/Users/William Jacondino/Desktop/MATLAB AEOLUS/AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20200820T233235_20200821T010323_0001.DBL’;

product = coda_open(filename);

% The L2B product stores all valid profile points (which are called ‘results’) as one big consecutive array
% in the datasets mie_hloswind and rayleigh_hloswind.
% The associated geolocation for those point results are stored in mie_geolocation and rayleigh_geolocation.

% The specification of which points belong together in which profile is kept in the mie_profile and rayleigh_profile
% datasets. These datasets contain indices into the mie_hloswind and rayleigh hloswind datasets to specify which point
% belongs at which level in a profile.

% ### Mie horizontal line of sight wind profile points ###

disp(‘Individual Mie HLOS wind points’);

latitude = coda_fetch(product, ‘mie_geolocation’, -1, ‘windresult_geolocation/latitude_cog’);

longitude = coda_fetch(product, ‘mie_geolocation’, -1, ‘windresult_geolocation/longitude_cog’);

altitude = coda_fetch(product, ‘mie_geolocation’, -1, ‘windresult_geolocation/altitude_vcog’);

mie_wind_velocity = coda_fetch(product, ‘mie_hloswind’, -1, ‘windresult/mie_wind_velocity’);

% ### Mie profile definition

disp(‘Mie HLOS wind profiles’);

result_id = coda_fetch(product, ‘mie_profile’, -1, ‘l2b_wind_profiles/wind_result_id_number’);
result_id = horzcat(result_id{:});
% populate wind_velocity profiles (using 0 for unavailable points)
wind_velocity = zeros(size(result_id));
wind_velocity(result_id ~= 0) = mie_wind_velocity(result_id(result_id ~= 0));


I am confused as to how I should proceed to make a 2d plot since the vector is in that form when I read the data with coda.