How to read l2b with harp

I am now using harp to read the wind speed at different heights of AeolusL2B, and now I encounter a problem, that is, after reading the harp’s instruction manual, I am still confused, I don’t know how to use the code to implement it, and how to filter the range of latitude and longitude?

You can define a bounding box filter around your station using something like latitude>=50.5;latitude<=51;longitude>=4;longitude<=4.5 in your harp operations when reading the HARP data. You can also use distance filter using something like point_distance(50.798, 4.358, 10 [km]).

This will still, however, just be a filter. So you might end up with zero matches, or with more than one.

For more advanced collocation approaches there is harp-collocate, but this will require local availability of both satellite and ground based data files (and HARP ingestion support for both).

thank you for you help,i get it.