How to transform N1 format to nc format or HDF5 format

could you plz tell me how to transform N1 format to nc format or HDF5 format,thank you!

First, please don’t post new questions in an existing topic (I’ve created a new topic for your post), and don’t post the same question twice.

To convert N1 format into netcdf, you can simply call harpconvert on the file. This will convert the data into the ‘HARP’ format, which is netcdf by default. This will not include all variables from the original product, but will likely contain most of the variables that you will need.

I’m sorry for making such a mistake, and I appreciate your reply,have a good day:)

I use scia_nl1 to generate input files(scia_nl1 is a part of nadc_tools)
but here is an error when using harpconvert
harpconvert -f netcdf SCI_NL__1PYDPA20100501_005505_000060302089_00060_42699_0000.N1.child
ERROR: product contains data in binary units, this ingestion is not supported in HARP
Could you please tell me how to handle this problem?

HARP only works on SCIAMACHY L1c products (where binary units have been converted to radiances) not on L1b.
However, you are providing a ‘.child’ product which seems to indicate that you already tried to run the l1c converter on the product. Maybe something went wrong with the settings of that tool (and data was still left as binary units)?

Thank you for your help, I have solved this problem, but there is another problem, may I ask how to obtain the tangent height data from the satellite orbit data? Do you know some relevant tools?

I am not aware of any tools, but you could maybe take them from the L2 products?
Or you might look at the ATBD for the algorithm for it.