Importing TM5-MP-DOMINO NO2 product: CLibraryError: record does not contain a field named 'satellite_altitude'


I am trying to convert TEMIS TM5-MP-DOMINO NO2 product (from from L2 to L3 using harp.

I had this error when trying to import TM5-MP-DOMINO NO2 by harp.import_product()

CLibraryError: record does not contain a field named 'satellite_altitude

I would like to ask how to solve this problem.


You can get the official S5P NO2 products from the S5P Hub or new dataspace service. This is the only official source for this data and this is where you should get it.

Apparently KNMI also distributes the NO2 data via their TEMIS website, but in a reduced form (which is why the files have a ‘reduced’ postfix in the filename). This apparently removed variables that HARP is expecting to find, such as the satellite altitude. I will contact TEMIS/KNMI to ask why they are providing reduced data in this form, since it is hurting usability.

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Hi Sander,

Thank you for your reply.
I got it.

Was there any follow-up on why KNMI is providing this format? It seems that there are still files in this ‘reduced’ format on TEMIS.

I raised the point with KNMI back then, but there was no final response on whether they would add the type of variables that we would expect with HARP. I’ve asked KNMI for an update.

I tried to contact KNMI again, but they are unresponsive. Perhaps you can try to contact them yourself?

Okay, I will. Thank you. For now I manage to HARP import the files by specifying the missing data variables in the exclude option of harp.import_product()