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Ingesting netCDF with ArcGIS PRO

ArcGIS PRO geoprocessing tools for netCDF are not working correctly with the sentinel 5p files. The variables are not standard according to GDAL.

ArcGIS PRO can use the Add Data multi-dimensional tool to read .nc files individually and add to a map.

I have also had this issue where the multidimensional tools are not reading s5p L2 files -
e.g. make netcdf feature layer is unable to read the variables. ( whereas if the files are read in as you have said they will read in the variables correctly.

I have contacted ESRIs email support regarding this issue (a few days ago) and they have someone investigating it but I do not think they will come back with a solution. If they do offer a solution i will post it on here.
ArcPRO 2.6 is being released in a week or so - they have apparently made several updates for working with netCDF and multidimensional files - perhaps within this update they may have solved the issue of reading in S5P data.

I am currently looking to use the HARP library to convert L2 CH4 files to L3 gridded files and then read the files into a GIS afterwards.If anyone else has any advice for working with S5P data within ArcGIS (or QGIS) then I would love to hear from you.