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Input and/or output product file not specified

I ran the command harpconvert -a “bin_spatial(1000,36,0.01,2000,26,0.01)”

I viewed it on PANOLPLY.
I got results.

After that

harpconvert --format hdf5 --hdf5-compression 9 -a ‘tropospheric_NO2_column_number_density_validity>50;derive(datetime_stop {time})’ grid_info.h5

It gives an error “input and/or output product file not specified” in my convert application.

Where am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

There is probably something wrong with the quotes used for your -a parameter. Make sure it is a proper single quote character (assuming you are not trying this on windows) and not some special version of a quote character.

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Thank you very much for your valuable help.

Your point is correct. Spelling error.
I fixed it but this time

ERROR: [HDF5] H5Pset_chunk(): all chunk dimensions must be less than 2^32 (major=“Invalid arguments to routine”, minor=“Out of range”) (…\src\H5Pdcpl.c:2027) ( grid_info.h5)

it gave this error.
I researched.
Download HDF5 conda install -c anaconda hdf5

I installed it with command.

but it didn’t fix it.

I am again with your support in the past.

harpconvert -a “keep(latitude_bounds,longitude_bounds,tropospheric_NO2_column_number_density);bin_spatial(1000, 36, 0.01, 2000,26, 0.01));squash(time, (latitude_bounds,longitude_bounds));derive(latitude {latitude});derive(longitude) {longitude});exclude(latitude_bounds,longitude_bounds,count,weight)”

I solved it with command.

I got my image.

Thank you very much for your interest.