Introducing Atmosphere Virtual Lab and LPS2022 demo

We are happy to announce that a new software element is being added to this forum, which is the Atmosphere Virtual Lab (AVL).

AVL allows you to run the full atmospheric toolbox software stack within a jupyterlab environment and will add some very powerful visualisation routines to it. Most importantly, AVL will finally allow you to show L2 data using the actual satellite ground pixel footprint areas!

We have just released a first beta version of AVL and you can install it with conda using:

conda install -c conda-forge atmosphere-virtual-lab

This automatically includes jupyterlab, coda, harp, and everything else that is needed.

The source code of AVL is available at: GitHub - stcorp/atmosphere-virtual-lab: Atmosphere Virtual Lab

As mentioned, AVL is still in beta and we will be improving things in the coming period.
Keep an eye on the use cases, since this is where we will be demonstrating the new functionality once it matures.

If you already want to know more, and if you are visiting the ESA Living Planet Symposium this week, then be sure to attend one of our demo sessions in the OE Forum demo area (New York hall). We will be showing all the cool new visualisations that we have been working on. The sessions are at:

  • Tuesday 24 May 9:00 - 9:45
  • Wednesday 25 May 14:00 - 14:45
  • Thursday 26 May 16:05 - 16:50
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Awesome presentation!

Is there any possibility you would share any the notebooks from the demo?

The notebooks of the demo are now available on github.

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