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Monthly average tropospheric NO2 vertical column

Hi all,

Excuse me I am a beginner with VISAN.

I want to create a monthly average vertical NO2 column using Sentinel 5P level 2 product, but I don’t know how to change the code below to include all images in the input folder. The symbol “*” doesn’t run in (Anaconda PowerShell, Windows 10).

harpmerge -ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))’ -a ‘latitude > -55 [degree_north]; latitude < 60 [degree_north]; tropospheric_NO2_column_number_density_validity > 75; bin_spatial(231,-55,0.5,721,-180,0.5); derive(longitude {longitude});derive(latitude {latitude})’ S5P_OFFL_L2__NO2*.nc /shared/Training/ATMO01_AirQuality_Global/Processing/NO2/

I hope someone will help me.


The * pattern matching for files does not work in Windows shells. Just put the files in a subdirectory and provide a path to that subdirectory as input parameter.

Hi Sander,

I am very pleased to receive your answer and I’m very thankful to you.

I tried to do this using your instructions on “Atmospheric Toolbox”.
I am already putting the input files in a subdirectory and and providing the path to that subdirectory but I get:

ERROR: invalid variable ‘latitude_bounds_weight’ (should be have same initial dimensions as ‘weight’)

I also followed your instructions here and tried to exclude the lat/lon weight variables after I performed a bin() operation. The code as you mensioned before is:

-ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude)); exclude(latitude_bounds_weight,longitude_bounds_weight,latitude_weight,longitude_weight)’

But I get the same last error. Please find the attached file.

Excuse me, do you have any idea why this happens and what can I do to corect this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Try excluding the weights using the -a option (they need the be excluded before the merge, not after):

-ap 'bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))' -a 'exclude(latitude_bounds_weight,longitude_bounds_weight,latitude_weight,longitude_weight)'

Excuse me, do you mean that I have to write first:

-ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))’ -a ‘exclude(latitude_bounds_weight,longitude_bounds_weight,latitude_weight,longitude_weight)’ \the input pathname

and then:

harpmerge -ap ‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude))’ \input pathname \outputpath\