Opening AUX EEF data

Dear CODA,

I would like to open and read auxiliary data files with the .EEF format. I didn’t find a way to open them as I don’t the names of the variables inside the files. I didn’t find any sources of info about that.


.EEF files are just xml files which coda will be able to read just fine.
However, all elements will be interpreted as ‘string’ data. If you want coda to interpret that data as integers, time, etc. you will also need a codadef file for you files. But that is only available for specific .EEF files (you didn’t mention what specific .EEF files you were trying to read).

You can easily see what variables are available by running a codadump on the product.
Also, in Python, you can just do a pf ='yourfile.EEF'); product = coda.fetch(pf); coda.close(pf); print(product) to just read the whole product as an in-memory data structure in Python. Then you don’t even need to know what is in those products beforehand.

Thank you Sander for your answer.

I’m trying to open this file: AE_OPER_AUX_ZWC_1B_20210910T165356_20210910T181956_0001.EEF

Actually, I’m looking to get the system calibration (Kmie and Kray) and cross-talk calibration coefficients (C1, C2, C3, C4). Are they in the AUX and L2A files?

I have a problem. When I use the command you mentioned, I got this error message. I don’t know what is wrong as I have no problem to use the coda.fetch function to open L2A or L1B files. The value of product is 4.

filename = ‘AE_OPER_AUX_CAL_L2_20210413T120000_20210413T123000_0001.DBL’;
product = coda_open(filename);
Unable to resolve the name coda.fetch.

Thanks for your help.
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Have a look at a coda aeolus aux example that we’ve made available.

And make sure you install the AEOLUS codadef.

The AEOLUS codadef definition documentation is also available online.

And maybe also try to get a bit more familiar with Python. Your error is due to a missing package import, which is quite basic Python knowledge.

Thank you for your answer. I actually use MATLAB and I have no problem to use coda.fetch with L1B or L2A product. I understand what the error means. I have installed to AEOLUS codadef file.

coda.fetch does not work in MATLAB. You need to use coda_fetch.

I’m really sorry for that … My bad … Sorry to have bothered you for nothing …