Permission Error

I used Harp for my sentinel image processing, all the parameters are correct everything is ok, but each time I run it, I always get permission denied error.
1:- I’ve ran it using admin
2:- I’ve set my workspace to the folder
3:- I even reduced the restriction on my system to the barest minimum
4:- checked my anti virus.
I’ve done virtually everything, I can think of.
This is the code

import os
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from termcolor import colored
import as ccrs
import xarray as xr
import numpy as np
import cartopy
import matplotlib.gridspec as gridspec
from glob import iglob
from os.path import join
from functools import reduce
import pandas as pd
import harp
import itertools
import cartopy.feature as cf
from cartopy.mpl.gridliner import LONGITUDE_FORMATTER, LATITUDE_FORMATTER
import matplotlib.patches as mpatches
import imageio
except ModuleNotFoundError():
print (‘Module import error’)
print (colored(’\nALL Libraries properly loaded. Ready to roll baby!!’, ‘green’), ‘\n’)

product_path = (‘C:/Users/user/Documents/CARBON/’)
input_files_OFFL=sorted(list(iglob(join(product_path, ‘**’, ‘OFFLCO*.nc’),recursive=True)))
print(colored(‘CH4 OFFL products detected:’, ‘green’), len(input_files_OFFL))

export_path =‘C:/Users/user/Documents/CARBON/LEVEL_3’
for i in input_files_OFFL:
harp_L2_L3= harp.import_product(i, operations="
derive( CO_column_number_density [Pmolec/cm2]);
derive (datetime_stop {time});
latitude >= 4 [degree_north] ; latitude <= 8 [degree_north] ; longitude>=2.4 [degree_east]; longitude<=11.2 [degree_east];
bin_spatial(400, 4, 0.01, 880, 2.4, 0.01);
derive(latitude {latitude}); derive(longitude {longitude});
post_operations=‘bin(); squash(time, (latitude,longitude)’

export_folder = “{export_path}/{name}”.format(export_path=export_path, name=i.split(’/’)[-1].replace(‘L2’,‘L3’))
harp.export_product(harp_L2_L3,export_path, file_format=‘netcdf’)

print(colored(‘ALL L2 products converted to L3’,‘green’))

This is the response I keep getting

CLibraryError: Permission denied (C:/Users/user/Documents/CARBON/LEVEL_3)

Please help me. It’s very critical for my academic pursuit !! Thanks a lot

You are using export_path instead of export_folder in your call to harp.export_product.

P.S. Please don’t use this forum to have other people point out the bugs in your own code.

Thanks so much!! Noted !!