Problem in reading AEOLUS L2B with MATLAB in windows

Dear Sir,

I have installed as per the instructions (
I have also set the path for CODA in MATLAB.
Still getting this error.

product = coda_open(‘AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20220517T160642_20220517T173828_0001.DBL’);
ERROR : unsupported product file
Error using coda_matlab
CODA Error

Did you install the AEOLUS codadef? (see also this post)

I have downloaded this file (AEOLUS-20210806.codadef).
How to install in windows?
Please provide instructions.

Thanks and Regards

See the documentation. Either put it in the right relative directory to the mex file or set a CODA_DEFINITION environment variable that points to the location of the codadef file (this can be any location you choose yourself).

I have coped the file (AEOLUS-20210806.codadef) in the directory (C:\Program Files\CODA\lib\coda\matlab).

Still getting same error.

Please read the documentation more carefully. It says ../../../share/coda/definitions relative to you location of the mex file. This means C:\Program Files\CODA\share\coda\definitions.

Also, if you set an environment variable, you usually have to logout/login (or reboot your system) for it to take affect for all applications.

Got it sir.
I am able to read the wind profiles now.
Thank you so much for resolving my queries.