Problem with HARP 1.20.2 S5P_RPRO_L2__AER_AI_

Hello I have a script which regrids S5P_RPRO_L2__ files. I have already regrid data for NO2, AER_LH and O3. But when trying to perform this operation for AER_AI it gives me information that : rror processing
product contains no variables, or variables without data. I have checked with panoply that the file has information in ROI so there are pixels in the area. I’ll be grateful for a solution, if required I can upload a script.

Are you performing quality flag filtering? It could be that there is no data with a valid quality flag.

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Oh my… I do, but when you mention this I have checked paramater I put into operation (I have them in a dictionary for different products from csv in Python).I accidently put the name of absorbing_aerosol_index_uncertainity intead of absorbing_aerosol_index_validity… I’m terribly sory… and thank you for the answer

I have query regarding the same RPRO_L2_AER_AI_dataset after all the processing done with python when I used to extract data for some cities, I got negative mean values. Why is it so?
Is this okay to get some negative mean value or I did something wrong during the python processing.
Thank you in advance.

Have a look at the Aerosol AI PUM. The plot in there shows that the AI can be positive and negative.