Problem with HARP 1.20 and S5P_PAL_L2_CHOCHO

HARP 1.20 When using with S5P_PAL_L2_CHOCHO doesn’t derive any of C2H2O2_column_number_density

I got .nc files regrided but I do not have variables mentioned above. I can put my code here but it works fine for lets say S5P_L2_NO2 or SO2 , O3 or whatever.

Can you help me any how??

I think I already see what the problem is. We somehow hadn’t assigned unit information to these variables in the ingestion and a regridding/binning will ignore any floating point variables without a unit.
We will fix the missing units in the next HARP release.

I was trying to grid the S5P_PAL_L2_BRO data set using HARP 1.20 to obtain the monthly mean of Although the code ran successfully, The values I got seem not corrected. Is this the same issue posted here for S5P_PAL_L2_CHOCHO? My code is working fine with S5P_OFFL_L2_NO2 data sets.

This is actually a problem with the BrO product vs. its product user manual. In the product the data is stored as mole/cm2, but in the PUM it is specified as mole/m2. We will contact the algorithm developer about this.