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Product contains no variables, or variables without data

Cordial greeting.
Download multiple files from S5P_OFFL_L2__CH4 ____ 20200101 …
as shown in the following figure:

I used the following code to convert CH4_L2 to CH4_L3:

for i in input_files_OFFL:
harp_L2_L3 = harp.import_product(i, operations="
latitude > -4.5 ; latitude < 14; longitude > -82 ; longitude < -66;

export_folder = "{export_path}/{name}".format(export_path=export_path, name=i.split('/')[-1].replace('L2','L3'))
harp.export_product(harp_L2_L3, export_folder, file_format='netcdf')

print(colored(‘All L2 products converted to L3’, ‘green’))

But I get an error

Thank you for your cooperation

Have a look at this post: Issues with CH4 between January 11 and January 18
You are likely hitting the same problem. There just isn’t any valid data for your area and time period.

Cordial greeting. Thanks for the reply.
However, the file weights appear to show that there is data in the area.

If you have weights, then you won’t get a NoDataError.
Note that this problem probably appears for some of your input_files_OFFL, not all.