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Some doubts related to the Sentinel5P

Hello everyone. :slight_smile:
I am analyzing Sentinel-5P images for the area of Serbia and I noticed something that is unusual in the image made on 29.11.2019:

I can’t explain “pollution cloud” (in Serbia) because:
-there was a wind
-no mist
-high visibility
-news back then didn’t report anything
-the rest of the days near that date weren’t polluted like that
I didn’t do any preprocessing. I just loaded nc file (L2 product) with the python and ploted “nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column” on the BaseMap. Moreover, the part of this image (middle Europe) for some reason couldn’t be loaded in the EO browser (and I tried on two computers and several browsers). I did some statistics regarding the pixels (just the pixels inside Serbia), just to make sure that I didn’t have some unregular values and everything was ok (at least I think that):

Because I bumped into some images in which some pixels didn’t have the values (picture below), I need to ask is it possible that there is some mistake with the data, or does the data need some kind of processing or did I do something wrong?

Concrete image name that I am talking about is:

Thank you in advance!

Make sure to only include data where qa_value > 0.75 when you plot the data.
You are probably not looking at a pollution cloud there.