Stripes corrections in Sentinel-5p CH4


I wonder if HARP has implemented a de-stripe correction for CH4 as it has for CO (Usecase_6_CO_European_wildfires_2022).

I have read some recent papers where they apply a de-stripe correction based on the Borsdorff et al. (2018) for XCH4 L2 data.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Note that HARP does not have any destripe correction built in. The destriping for CO is actually a destriping performed by the processor itself. The CO product contains both ‘normal’ and destriped column values.

For CH4, please check this post.

Thank you Sander for your quick reply and thank you for pointing me to that other post. I’m already using the “ch4=bias_corrected” option but still observe stripes patterns. Sorry for my misunderstanding about thinking that HARP could do destripe correction. I wish it could.