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Sunglint Flag in HARP

Dear Sander,

From the PUM of Sentinel-5P there is the following flag:

Additional flags describing the ground pixel, including the influence of a solar eclipse, the possibility of sun glint, whether we are in the descending part of the orbit, whether we are on the night side of the orbit, whether the pixel crosses the dateline (useful for plotting), or if there was some geolocation error.

If I understood correctly if geolocation_flags = 2 it means that there is a possible sunglint measurement. Is it possible to restrict pixels with sunglint=2 using HARP? I want to plot only the pixels with possible sunglint effects.


There is a sun glint warning present in the processing_quality_flags variable. This variable is available after HARP ingestion as the validity variable. You can filter on that using validity=&2048.

I am not sure if this flag is set for the same pixels where the sun glint in the geolocation flags was set, but both flags indicate a possible glint anyway (there doesn’t have to be a glint).