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Unable to download Visan

Hi Sander,
I’m on a different computer, (my old computer broke) and I’m trying to download visan so I can do the tropomi maps for the month of December. I don’t know how to actually download Visan though. I downloaded anaconda, and on my computer I have the anaconda navigator with various packages including visan (image below) and I also downloaded the visan master file/visan 4.0 file (same thing I think).

Hi James,

First make sure to add the ‘stcorp’ channel to your list of channels.

Then, the recommended way to install visan using the Anaconda Navigator is to create a new clean environment (called e.g. ‘visan’) and within that environment install visan.

Visan should be available in the list of packages when you update the index.

Hi Sander,

I added stcorp to my list of channels. Then I created the visan environment, but in it I only have 17 packages and visan isn’t one. When I clicked update index theire was just a blue loading bar at the bottom (linked below first image) but nothing ended up happening.

Make sure to create the environment using Python 3.7.

And in the package list make sure to list the ‘Not installed’ packages (and then search for visan).

nevermind, I just clicked the box and then selected apply and 44 things in the package were all downloaded

Alright, now I have 61 packages in the visan environment, how do I launch visan? There is an option to open with python or terminal when I click on it.

There will be visan icon on the home screen that will allow you to start the application.

But you can also use ‘Open Terminal’ and then run the ‘visan’ command from there to open visan.

yep got it. Thanks for your help

Good evening!
I have the same problem here and thanks both for your questions-guidances,they are very helpful.But, I want to ask what about if you cannot add channel.I try to add the stcorp channel but it doesn’t work at all.

I am not sure what is not working. If you press enter in that dialog, then the channel should be added.

@svniemeijer Hi, I´ve did the step you mentioned above (1. creation of the channel and 2. creation of a new environment). I have alreade downloaded both visan-master and visan 4.0 and have them in my C.After I created the environment, 11 packages appears and in the not installed there ir 8183, none of them includes visan. When I try to run “conda install -c stcorp visan” from the terminal it gives me the message en the second image. Can someone please help me. Thanks.

Something apparently went wrong with our anaconda uploads last weekend.
We just reuploaded the visan packages.
Could you please try again?

It worked fine. Thanks for your help.