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Unable to install QDOAS on Mac

I unsuccessfully attempted to install QDOAS on my Mac using coda and so am trying to compile the program form source. I am using the cmake GUI but am returning an error:

Could not find a package configuration file provided by “Qt5” with any of
the following names:

I have qt5 installed and the above file exists, but I am unsure where each file should be located in order that cmake finds the necessary files. Is there a resource to support installation of QDOAS on Mac using cmake? I am completely new to cmake and have a very limited knowledge regards compiling programs from source, so would appreciate any relevant advice, thank you.

There are a lot more dependencies than just Qt5 that you would need to build QDOAS.
Doing this manually can be a lot of work to get right.

I would suggest you try the conda installation.

I did find a problem with the latest qdoas conda package for mac though. There is a missing openblas dependency.

The following steps should work for Mac:

conda create -n qdoas
conda activate qdoas
conda install -c stcorp -c conda-forge qdoas openblas==0.3.7

Note that this still uses QDOAS 3.4.

For a future version we are working on a full conda-forge compatible installation. You would then be able to install qdoas with conda install -c stcorp-forge -c conda-forge qdoas

Thank you @svniemeijer. After some more digging, it should only be an issue with the Qt5 dependency due to the fact it was installed with homebrew. It appears that homebrew doesn’t add the Qt5 binaries to the path correctly. There is a workaround here which other users may find helpful: but requires some knowledge of the coding language.

Thanks for the missing steps to install QDOAS 3.4 on Mac.