Use qdoas2harp for format conversion

When I successfully used qdoas software to invert and output the inversion file, I used qdoas2harp for format conversion, but used this command (qd2hp -outdir ./harp_out/2020/08/10 -fitwin w320_h2co_radasref -slcol "ch2o = HCHO " .//2020/08/10/ and encountered the error shown in the figure below. I don’t know what caused this error? I hope to receive your answer.

Hi, I dont see immediately what the cause could be here. Can you check the chunksizes in the qdoas output file?

Thank you for your reply,The chunksizes is shown in the figure

Is it a version issue with my HDF5 library? What version of the HDF5 library do I need?

This looks more like a potential issue in either qdoas2harp or harp itself.
HARP is the one setting the chunking, which seems to fail.
Do any of the variables have more than 4294967295 elements?
Is (question for Jonas) qdoas2harp perhaps passing a harp variable with incorrect dimensions (e.g. with a negative value for a dimension)?

My qdoas files chunksizes are all as shown in the figure, and it is true.

but,This error occurred in my Windows system, and when I executed this command on my Linux, the error disappeared. So is it because of an issue with my HDF5 version? I have installed harp and qdoas2harp correctly and there are no errors displayed