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Using HARP for comparing WRF-Chem output to TROPOMI

Hello colleagues.

I would like to compare the NO2 and CO from WRF-chem with the TROPOMI observations, either L2 gridded data or preferably L3 pixel data.

Does anyone have a script on how this can be done?

Thank you.

You might want to look at this thread: Using HARP and CAMS AQ forecast profile as an apriori to derive TROPOMI NO2 tropospheric column

Thank you Sander.
Yes, I did take a look into that thread but their interest is to retrieve tropomi data using WRF-chem’s profiles… but this is not my interest.

As such, their code is hard for me to use. I am seeking for help with code that can simply compare the two, WRF-chem and Tropomi no2