Aeolus L2B .DBL file unable to read

after importing the CODA, while trying to extract Data I am getting the error .screenshots attached.its showing attribute error. please suggestion

This is not an error that would happen with a normal installation. I think you broke something while trying to fix your issue in this topic. Please just try a clean installation again and don’t try to manually fix anything in the CODA installation.

now ,I am using windows 8.1, I did all the coda environment set up . also install Miniforge3-23.1.0-0-Windows-x86_64 . using python 3.9.13, coda install successfully .herewith attached screenshot please comment and suggest.

Did you actually put the Aeolus codadef in the C:/Program Files/CODA/share/coda/definitions directory?

Yes ,now i put these Aeolus codadef in C:/Program Files/CODA/share/coda/definitions
and run the script .still showing same error.



Make sure to import coda only after you perform the os.putenv. You are still importing it before.

Yes, Finally read …thank you for supporting … Thank you

how to create a data frame and is this possible to convert this data into one.csv format? which syntax is used?