Can we use harp to read data from a new instrument in the format of hdf5

After reading the discussion related to creating a new codadef file in coda (link: How can one change an existing definition file or create one from scratch ) , I created a new codadef file that supports new instrument data, and the format of the new instrument is hdf5. After placing the file in the specified path, harpcheck shows that unsupported product. I would like to ask if my approach is feasible?

In order to have the HARP software support a new product for ingestion requires quite some steps. Having a codadef to allow recognizing the right products is just one small part of this. The majority of effort is in creating the converter module in C that translates the data from the original product format into the HARP conventions.

I would not recommend trying to implement such an importer yourself. If you want to create your own importer it will be much easier to do this using a Python script as also explained in this topic.

If the type of product that you want to have supported is a public and well defined data format, you can also let us know which product this is. We occasionally add support for new product types ourselves in the HARP software based on demand.

Thanks for your quick and detailed reply. Based on your guidance, I have solved my problem perfectly. Thank you very much.