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How can one change an existing definition file or create one from scratch

How can one change an existing definition file (e.g. in case of format changes), or create one from scratch for a new instrument?

I could not find a clear description of that process in the documentation.


The format of the codadef xml files is indeed not documented.
We do provide some high level documentation and there are plenty of existing definitions available on the S&T github site to use as example/template.
You should also make sure that you have a good understanding of the CODA expression language.

To modify an existing definition, clone the github repository (or unzip the codadef file), make your modifications, and then run the script to turn the directory back into a codadef file.

Note that some codadef files (such as those included with HARP) only contain product type/format detection rules, but no definitions of the format itself (which is possible if the product files use self-describing formats such as netcdf/hdf).

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