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CODA unsupported product file for AEOLUS

Hi, I’m so sorry that I ask questions under very different issues!
I have tried to put the codadef file into my share/coda/definitions, but it doesn’t work.
It gives the same error:
coda_open(): unsupported product file

This is the code:
import coda
import os
from numpy import vstack,zeros
os.putenv(‘CODA_DEFINITION’, r’D:\yika\work\Aladin\coda\share\coda\definitions’)“AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20201008T233259_20201009T010347_0001.DBL”)
I wonder if there is someway to check why it’s wrong or how to deal with it?
Thanks again and sorry again!

Can you open a dos/command prompt and run codacheck on these product files?
e.g. codacheck -V AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20201008T233259_20201009T010347_0001.DBL, codacheck -V AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20201008T233259_20201009T010347_0001.HDR
And let me know the output?
The codacheck executable should be in D:\yika\work\Aladin\coda\bin.

It shows like:

That looks Ok.

I already see what is going on. You need to call the os.putenv before you call import coda:

import os
os.putenv(‘CODA_DEFINITION’, r’D:\yika\work\Aladin\coda\share\coda\definitions’)
import coda
from numpy import vstack,zeros“AE_OPER_ALD_U_N_2B_20201008T233259_20201009T010347_0001.DBL”)

This should work.

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It works!
Thank u!! This problem has troubled me one day!
thanks!!! :hugs: